XY Space Explorers

The first NFT Collection from founders to founders.




The exclusive PFP Collection created to provide a unique XY Identity to distinct our first community members.


In the bustling space hub of the LUNARxy headquarters, a dedicated team of four individuals named Orion, Lyra, Nova, and Halley, known collectively as the «Space Explorers», assembled.


Each hailed from a different corner of the Earth, their diversity reflecting the global effort in the quest for the stars. They were bound by their shared vision: to push the boundaries of human knowledge and exploration into the vast frontier of space.

Orion - Commander

Orion, a charismatic, quick-thinking engineer, was the team’s unofficial leader. He had a knack for making complex technical concepts easy to understand.

Lyra - Captain

Lyra was the team’s biologist and medical expert. Her wit and compassion were matched only by her vast knowledge of alien ecosystems and medical conditions.

Hally - Scientist

Halley, a geologist, possessed an unmatched ability to analyze and predict the structure of alien terrains, born from his rigorous years of study in some of Earth’s most extreme environments.

Nova - Pilot

Nova, a sharp and analytical astrophysicist, was capable of making precise calculations and reading celestial bodies while operating as the spacecraft pilot.

Their latest mission took them to the enigmatic moon of a distant gas giant, identified only by its research code: 0xGenesisXY.


According to LUNARxy’s intel, GenesisXY might contain the precursors of life, a find that could redefine humanity’s understanding of its place in the universe.


The journey was right when the spaceship was bombarded by unexpected cosmic radiation that forced them to make an emergency move that introduced them into a giant black hole.

As they navigated through the massive black hole, the crew began to observe a series of gravitational anomalies.


It was then that a breach in space-time opened up, precipitating the first multidimensional encounter. The crew members began to see numerous versions of themselves in other dimensions when suddenly the black hole closed abruptly, returning them to their reality.


But something had changed… Now each team member had a multidimensional mental connection with their alternate versions.

And so, the XY Space Explorers were born, LUNARxy’s galactic exploration team, dedicated to explore the galaxy through its dimensions.

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